Sun, 02 Oct 05

Cyrus Imap on FreeBsd

I’ve spent some time today looking into getting Cyrus Imap installed on FreeBsd 5.3R.

I haven’t got too far yet but think I’ve probably learned a few things I didn’t know.

Initially I just installed cyrus-imap from the ports and left it with all the default values. Once I had this and played around a bit, I un-installed and started re-installing the cyrus-sasl library manually, playing with various configuration options.

When installed using the default options, all of the following ‘plugins’ are installed in .

My preference at this stage is to get the imap server running with plaintext passwords over a TLS encrypted pipe. As such I started looking at the options available to configure. Some of the options seem to be represented in the Makefile so my first approach was to ‘disable’ them on the command line.


I also really wanted to disable anonymous access (which I could see how to do in the options in configure but not in the Makefile) but I ignored that for now.

When installed, having been built with the above options, I had all of the above ‘plugins’ except the following.

This was better but I still had some ‘plugins’ that I didn’t really want. Once again, I un-installed the sasl port and this time built it passing arguments directly to configure.

$ make CONFIGURE_ARGS+='--disable-cram --disable-digest --disable-otp --disable-gssapi --disable-anon'

This time I ended up with just the libplain and libsasldb ‘plugins’ which seems much closer to what I want - at least I think it does based on my very very limited knowledge at present.