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A nice list of all my previous blog posts with, where I've been bothered, a little summary to entice you in.

  1. Exploring my Google Location History

    Using command line tools to start exploring my Google Location History

  2. Notes from The First International Conference on Software Archaeology

    I've tried to use the notes I took at TICOSA to paint a picture of what I took away from the conference

  3. Deploying Rails apps using Recap, Apache and Passenger

    Instructions covering how to deploy a Rails app using recap, Apache and Passenger

  4. Moving my timelapse app from Heroku to AWS

    I ran into some of the limits with the free Heroku plan and moved the app to AWS

  5. Time slice images of the Thames

    Producing time-slice images from my photos of the Thames

  6. Why split the subject and body in git commit messages?

    Examples of current git tooling that is designed to work with a separate subject and body in the commit message

  7. Automatically updating my desktop background from my Thames time lapse pictures

    How I get pictures of the Thames from my phone to my desktop background

  8. Listing controller filters in Rails 4

    The ruby magic required to list controller filters in Rails 4

  9. Android and some time lapse(ish) magic

    A brief intro to my thames-time-lapse experiment

  10. Time Lapse Of The Thames And Canary Wharf

    A little time-lapse video of the Thames and Canary Wharf

  11. Investigation into CORS And XMLHttpRequest

    The behaviour of XMLHttpRequest.withCredentials when used with CORS

  12. Bookmark printing service for the Go Free Range Printer platform

    An introduction to the simple Bookmark printing service for the Go Free Range Printer platform.

  13. Getting Started With Asterisk And Adhearsion On A Mac

    Simple guide to getting started with Asterisk and Adhearsion on a Mac

  14. Day notes - Tue 15th Feb 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 15th February 2011

  15. Day notes - Mon 14th Feb 2011

    Notes from Monday 14th February 2011

  16. Day notes - Fri 11th Feb 2011

    Notes from Friday 11th February 2011

  17. Day notes - Thu 10th Feb 2011

    Notes from Thursday 10th February 2011

  18. Day notes - Wed 9th Feb 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 9th February 2011

  19. Day notes - Tue 8th Feb 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 8th February 2011

  20. Day notes - Mon 7th Feb 2011

    Notes from Monday 7th February 2011

  21. Day notes - Fri 4th Feb 2011

    Notes from Friday 4th February 2011

  22. Day notes - Thu 3rd Feb 2011

    Notes from Thursday 3rd February 2011

  23. Day notes - Wed 2nd Feb 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 2nd February 2011

  24. Day notes - Tue 1st Feb 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 1st February 2011

  25. Day notes - Mon 31st Jan 2011

    Notes from Monday 31st January 2011

  26. Day notes - Sun 30th Jan 2011

    Notes from Sunday 30th January 2011

  27. Day notes - Fri 28th Jan 2011

    Notes from Friday 28th January 2011

  28. Day notes - Thu 27th Jan 2011

    Notes from Thursday 27th January 2011

  29. Day notes - Wed 26th Jan 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 26th January 2011

  30. Day notes - Tue 25th Jan 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 25th January 2011

  31. Day notes - Mon 24th Jan 2011

    Notes from Monday 24th January 2011

  32. Day notes - Sun 23rd Jan 2011

    Notes from Sunday 23rd January 2011

  33. Day notes - Sat 22nd Jan 2011

    Notes from Saturday 22nd January 2011

  34. Day notes - Fri 21st Jan 2011

    Notes from Friday 21st January 2011

  35. Day notes - Thu 20th Jan 2011

    Notes from Thursday 20th January 2011

  36. Day notes - Wed 19th Jan 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 19th January 2011

  37. Day notes - Tue 18th Jan 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 18th January 2011

  38. Day notes - Mon 17th Jan 2011

    Notes from Monday 17th January 2011

  39. Day notes - Sat 15th Jan 2011

    Notes from Saturday 15th January 2011

  40. Day notes - Fri 14th Jan 2011

    Notes from Friday 14th January 2011

  41. Day notes - Thu 13th Jan 2011

    Notes from Thursday 13th January 2011

  42. Day notes - Wed 12th Jan 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 12th January 2011

  43. Transcript Of You And Yours From The 6th Jan 2011

    A transcript of the National Rail Enquiries segment from You and Yours broadcast on the 6th Jan 2011.

  44. Day notes - Tue 11th Jan 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 11th January 2011

  45. Day notes - Mon 10th Jan 2011

    Notes from Monday 10th January 2011

  46. Day notes - Sun 9th Jan 2011

    Notes from Sunday 9th January 2011

  47. Day notes - Sat 8th Jan 2011

    Notes from Saturday 8th January 2011

  48. Day notes - Fri 7th Jan 2011

    Notes from Friday 7th January 2011

  49. Day notes - Thu 6th Jan 2011

    Notes from Thursday 6th January 2011

  50. Day notes - Wed 5th Jan 2011

    Notes from Wednesday 5th January 2011

  51. Day notes - Tue 4th Jan 2011

    Notes from Tuesday 4th January 2011

  52. Day notes - Mon 3rd Jan 2011

    Notes from Monday 3rd January 2011

  53. Day notes - Thu 18th Nov 2010

    Notes from Thursday 18th November 2010

  54. Day notes - Wed 17th Nov 2010

    Notes from Wednesday 17th November 2010

  55. Day notes - Tue 16th Nov 2010

    Notes from Tuesday 16th November 2010

  56. Day notes - Mon 15th Nov 2010

    Notes from Monday 15th November 2010

  57. Day notes - Sun 14th Nov 2010

    Notes from Sunday 14th November 2010

  58. Day notes - Sat 13th Nov 2010

    Notes from Saturday 13th November 2010

  59. Day notes - Fri 12th Nov 2010

    Notes from Friday 12th November 2010

  60. Day notes - Thu 11th Nov 2010

    Notes from Thursday 11th November 2010

  61. Day notes - Wed 10th Nov 2010

    Notes from Wednesday 10th November 2010

  62. Day notes - Tue 9th Nov 2010

    Notes from Tuesday 9th November 2010

  63. Day notes - Mon 8th Nov 2010

    Notes from Monday 8th November 2010

  64. Day notes - Fri 5th Nov 2010

    Notes from Friday 5th November 2010

  65. Day notes - Thu 4th Nov 2010

    Notes from Thursday 4th November 2010

  66. Day notes - Wed 3rd Nov 2010

    Notes from Wednesday 3rd November 2010

  67. Day notes - Tue 2nd Nov 2010

    Notes from Tuesday 2nd November 2010

  68. Day notes - Mon 1st Nov 2010

    Notes from Monday 1st November 2010

  69. Day notes - Fri 29th Oct 2010

    Notes from Friday 29th October 2010

  70. Day notes - Thu 28th Oct 2010

    Notes from Thursday 28th October 2010

  71. Day notes - Wed 27th Oct 2010

    Notes from Wednesday 27th October 2010

  72. Day notes - Sat 23rd Oct 2010

    Notes from Saturday 23rd October 2010

  73. Day notes - Fri 22nd Oct 2010

    Notes from Friday 22nd October 2010

  74. Day notes - Thu 21st Oct 2010

    Notes from Thursday 21st October 2010

  75. Day notes - Wed 20th Oct 2010

    Notes from Wednesday 20th October 2010

  76. Day notes - Tue 19th Oct 2010

    Notes from Tuesday 19th October 2010

  77. Day notes - Sun 17th Oct 2010

    Notes from Sunday 17th October 2010

  78. Day notes - Tue 26th Oct 2010

    Notes from Tuesday 26th October 2010

  79. Day notes - Mon 25th Oct 2010

    Notes from Monday 25th October 2010

  80. Day notes - Fri 15th Oct 2010

    Some site redesign and offline web apps

  81. Day notes - Thurs 14th Oct 2010

    More JMeter goodness

  82. Day notes - Mon 18th Oct 2010

    Mac OS X Keychain, AWS hosting, meeting and story acceptance

  83. Day notes - Weds 13th Oct 2010

    Meeting, retrospective and JMeter

  84. Day notes - Tues 12th Oct 2010

    More performance testing fun and some exercise

  85. Day notes - Mon 11th Oct 2010

    HMRC Employer CD and httperf fun

  86. Day notes - Fri 8th Oct 2010

    Played around with this site and my southeastern daily performance report project.

  87. Day notes - Thurs 7th Oct 2010

    I played with google calendar backups and tsung.

  88. Libxml2 Problems When Installing Nokogiri

    My solution to the problem of Nokogiri checking for a universal (ppc, i386) version of libxml2 and failing to install.

  89. Converting Egg Statements and Transactions to Ofx

    I've refreshed the little utility that converts egg html statements to ofx.

  90. A Letter to Adrian Gillan at Euroferries

    An email to Adrian Gillan at Euroferries, in response to his request that Adem remove one of his posts.

  91. Things I Learnt at Interesting 2009

    Things I learnt from the talks at Interesting 2009

  92. Pouring Factlets Into Your Brain Holder via Your Ear Sieves

    An idea for a dynamic audio guidebook on your gps enabled mobile device.

  93. Creating a Greasemonkey Script That Applies to the Firefox 'Problem Loading Page' Error Page

    Some notes about applying a greasemonkey script to the Firefox 'Problem Loading Page' error page.

  94. Down for Everyone or Just Me Greasemonkey Script

    A greasemonkey script that inserts a link to into the firefox page not found error page

  95. Apacherb Is Now Hostess

    The utility for serving local directories as virtual hosts in a local apache installation has been gemificated and moved to github

  96. Introducing Deliciolytics

    Introducing a proof of concept service that lets you view an aggregated feed of all delicious bookmarks for your domain.

  97. A Greasemonkey Script that inserts a Google Site Search form into every page

    A greasemonkey script that makes it really easy to use google to search within the current site. Press ctrl-9 to visit the search form.

  98. Rails 2.3 and the ability to update created_at, created_on, updated_at and updated_on timestamps

    There was a Rails 2.3 security note that suggested we could now set the AR timestamps. It turns out we've always been able to set the created_at/on timestamps and that updated_at/on are also now assignable.

  99. Generating and Inserting a Rel=Canonical Link Into Pages With Firefox and Greasemonkey

    A greasemonkey script that allows me to generate permalinks for various web pages and insert those permalinks into the page as links with rel=canonical.

  100. CruiseControlrb With Passenger and Launchd on a Mac

    Getting CruiseControl.rb running under Passenger (mod_rails) with the builders being started automatically via launchd (on a Mac).

  101. Installing Passenger 2.1.2 on CentOS 5.2

    I had to re-install apr-util-devel in order to get Passenger (mod_rails) 2.1.2 to install on CentOS 5.2.

  102. Hack the Government Day (Rewired State)

    An overview of what "team activeplaces" achieved at rewiredstate.

  103. Posting Bookmarks to Delicious From My Android G1

    By hooking together Email, a simple Ruby/Rack server and the delicious API I'm able to post bookmarks from my G1 to delicious

  104. Gracefully Degrade the Google Custom Search Form So That It Works Without Javascript

    I default to searching the google index of my site but enhance that functionality with the Google Custom Search when Javascript is available

  105. Keyboard Shortcuts for the Link Widgets Firefox Extension

    Shortcut keys for the Link Widgets firefox extension

  106. Please Publish Full Content in Your RSS and Atom Feeds

    I explain why I prefer feeds that contain full content over feeds that contain partial content.

  107. Idea - Web Services Could Publish Stats About the Clients That Connect to Them

    I wonder if it'd help us determine whether or not a library is still active/compatible.

  108. Free Technical Books for Anyone That's Interested

    I attempt to give away some books that I've been unable to sell on Amazon marketplace.

  109. Test Data for Version 2 of the Amazon Web Services Signing Protocol

    I'm hoping this data might be useful for someone else trying to develop code to sign requests to Amazon Web Services

  110. Implementing Version 2 of the Amazon AWS HTTP Request Signature in Ruby

    A fairly simple example of how to sign AWS requests, with Ruby, using version 2 of the signature spec.

  111. Turning Off My National Rail Twitter Bot

    I've turned the twitter bot off after being asked/told to do so by a chap at ATOC

  112. Lloyds TSB Stole My Money (Kinda)

    A little rant about Lloyds TSB

  113. Backing Up Jobs in a Print Queue on Windows XP (and Printing .prn files)

    I explain how I managed to print some documents that were stuck in the Windows XP print queue.

  114. Idea - Firefox Extension to Clearly Indicate the Age of a Page

    I find myself getting annoyed when reading webpages, blog posts in particular, that contain out of date information.

  115. 24 Hours of Ramsgate Outer Harbour

    I stitched together webcam images from a 24 hour period to create a little video of Ramsgate harbour.

  116. A Simple Utility to Generate and Preview Html on the Web

    I found, what I believed to be, a strange problem with images that had explicit width and heights set. I created a little utility that allowed me to dig into the problem.

  117. Using SSI to Expose Http Request Headers Sent by Your Browser

    I explain why I reinvented the wheel and created another page on the web that will display the http request headers sent by your browser.

  118. Initial Thoughts About the T-Mobile G1 (the Google Android Phone)

    Some thoughts about the T-Mobile G1 now that I've had it in my possession for a couple of days.

  119. Please Sir Can I Have a Job

    I'm begging for work. That's it.

  120. A Utility to Manage Apache Virtual Hosts on a Mac (Like the Passenger Pref Pane but for Simple Static Sites)

    A neat (if I may say so myself) little utility that simplifies the process of setting up an apache virtual host and associated domain.

  121. A Javascript QueryString Printer

    A little utility that extracts and displays querystring parameters in an html page.

  122. OCR on the Mac with Tesseract

    A comparison of the output from tesseract given different quality inputs.

  123. Listening to iTunes on my Intempo GX-01

    I use EyeConnect in order to share my iTunes library on my Mac with my Intempo GX-01.

  124. Changing the repository of code being managed by Piston (an alternative to piston switch)

  125. Converting Google Code Wiki Content to Html

  126. Plans for the my blog

  127. Asking South Eastern about the high speed trains

  128. Asking South Eastern about their crappy seats

  129. Open Source Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the Mac

  130. Pwdhash Widget

  131. A trip to the tip

  132. Redesigning my blog

  133. Exporting query results to a remote machine with MySql (an alternative to SELECT INTO OUTFILE)

  134. Another project - Public Swimming Pools in the UK

  135. Reference Trackback Server implementation

  136. Files hosted on Google Groups cannot be opened in Safari (or Internet Explorer)

  137. Version Control Commit Note Best Practice (or not, you decide)

  138. Version 0.2 of the trackback extension

  139. National Rail Train Times by SMS (again)

  140. Tagging my bookmarks with the domain of the URL that I'm bookmarking

  141. What I've been up to - Projects and Ideas

  142. Atom (like RSS) feeds for news stories

  143. Sending trackbacks to the sites that you bookmark in

  144. Migration from Typo to a static site is complete

  145. Migrating this blog from Typo to a static site

  146. Emailing photos to flickr from my Skypephone

  147. Testing my mod_rewrite configuration with ruby

  148. Chris 1, mod_rewrite 0 (muhahahaha)

  149. Fun with mod_rewrite (and its special variables REQUEST_URI, IS_SUBREQ and THE_REQUEST)

  150. Searching subversion history

  151. Extracting my permalinks functionality into its own firefox extension

  152. Cross browser (well, IE 6, Firefox 2 and Safari 3) bookmarklet script

  153. Web pages should specify their canonical URL (permalink)

  154. Bookmarklet (Favelet) limits in Internet Explorer 6 (and 7?)

  155. Testing ActionMailer::Base.server_settings

  156. More on those friendly URLs

  157. Ruby Rake - Invoke vs Execute

  158. Fun with Selenium

  159. Short, Human Friendly, Permalinks

  160. VRM vs Affiliate Marketing

  161. Wow. Google must really love Chris.

  162. Can anyone recommend a good simple web hosting solution?

  163. The Skypephone so far

  164. NewNet and BT Broadband problems

  165. HSBC Conclusion

  166. Naughty spammy Tesco Entertainment

  167. A common pattern in retailers' receipt pages (and a microformat solution)

  168. More Hsbc Shenanigans

  169. Trying to speak to someone in development at Hsbc - can anyone help?

  170. A microformat for my contact details (instant messaging, twitter et al)

  171. Finding similar sites by mining the data

  172. Commenting on my bookmarks

  173. Monitoring the Mac OSX Filesystem with ruby

  174. Why should it do that?

  175. Companies. You must make it simple for me to unsubscribe from your marketing shite.

  176. Patching the firefox extension to add permalinks

  177. Permalinks for bookmarks (posts)

  178. Blue card user stories coming out of the feedback

  179. Responses to feedback

  180. Holiday in Newqay

  181. A new

  182. Train times by SMS (or, improving national rail enquiries)

  183. Free google website optimizer isn't actually free

  184. Web service to convert UK Postcodes (outcode) to Latitude and Longitude

  185. Wesabe open up their API and ask me to help write their press release...

  186. A great day at work and reevoovision (twittervision for reviews)

  187. Automatically downloading my Ing Direct transactions

  188. This makes me happy

  189. Automatically download egg credit card transactions

  190. I really don't know whether this is spam or not...

  191. Steel mounted photographic wall prints (or, cool pictures printed on metal) in Thanet

  192. and Seo

  193. A little further investigation into those pesky scammers

  194. Ranting about Sky

  195. An open letter to my local newspapers

  196. I wanna be cool too

  197. Pesky Scammers

  198. Automatically downloading my recent transactions from Lloyds Tsb

  199. Automatically downloading my most recent Hsbc transactions

  200. A fun (and crappy) Monday morning quiz

  201. Tonic Systems TonicPoint free Powerpoint viewer

  202. ebay feedback

  203. Small, specific mongrel web servers

  204. Getting to grips with pwdhash

  205. I want fast trains

  206. Obtaining latitude/longitude for UK postcodes

  207. Converting Egg Credit Card Statements to Ofx (for upload to wesabe)

  208. Monkey patching rails routing

  209. Repairing an Hp Pavilion N5241 laptop

  210. Orange, orange, orange

  211. Frustrating user experience with Hsbc online banking

  212. The worst word in the world... ever

  213. It'll grow back, right?

  214. Digital Photo Prints from PhotoBox

  215. Crashing IE 6 with style(sheets)

  216. Visualising the changing responsibilities of objects

  217. Combining distributed small tools as an alternative to Backpack et al

  218. Encapsulation in Active Record objects

  219. Move over - you've got nothing on

  220. Bad

  221. Homegrown gooogie

  222. cURL is fast becoming my favourite toy

  223. The worst captcha... ever.

  224. Might as well aim high...

  225. Addicted to

  226. dips its toes into the opensearch water

  227. Crappy ruby script to download photos from a flickr photoset

  228. as a simple to do list

  229. Amazing non-customer service

  230. Maybe I need some more REST

  231. Telephone numbers for form submissions

  232. Google AdWords Api Internal Error using the Sandbox

  233. Connecting to gmail with Ruby (or Connecting to POP3 servers over SSL with Ruby)

  234. Boolean method in Ruby (sibling of Array, Float, Integer and String)

  235. Inactive keywords (too high minCpc) when using Google Adwords Api

  236. Some useful assertions, maybe

  237. Recording daily spending with a Ruby Dsl

  238. Bye bye feedshow...

  239. The best property search website

  240. Testing against the (Garbage Collection) Clock, or, Don't create your Test Cases as anonymous classes

  241. Unified method_exists method for ruby

  242. gDisk - very cheap (free) online storage

  243. What's the time google?

  244. Changing Irb context

  245. In memory AR object for testing

  246. Recommended web host

  247. Textmate environment and ruby (again)

  248. Rails leaking some strings in development

  249. Feed reading feature requests

  250. I hope I didn't break rubyforge...

  251. I guess that's one way to do it...

  252. Tickling link_to into submission

  253. Create rails projects using a specific rails gem version

  254. New rails weblob

  255. Helpful error messages when active record objects fail validation (in tests)

  256. TextMate and "env: ruby: No such file or directory"

  257. Test::Unit abstract test case

  258. Some realisations about testing

  259. Textmate command to display Active Record column attributes

  260. Using in memory Active Record objects with associations for testing

  261. Ruby hashes with default values

  262. Trying to learn

  263. Very simple Micro Id Verifier

  264. Very very lightweight mocking(ish)

  265. Generating a MicroId with Ruby

  266. More helpful messages for Active Record validation errors in Rails testing

  267. Rails plugin to utilise Sqlite for testing

  268. Improving search results

  269. Using active record models in rails migrations

  270. Storing passwords online

  271. My first reevoo!

  272. Rails table pluralization

  273. Cool google map of the tube network...

  274. Installing Collaboa

  275. ClaimId for managing online identity

  276. Ruby Quiz number 67 (metakoans)

  277. Claiming my blog on technorati

  278. Some Freebsd housekeeping

  279. Rails rake testing without database

  280. Rails testing without database

  281. Alternative to Putty Ssh on Windows

  282. Reviews Reevoos Reviews

  283. In memory sqlite database for rails testing

  284. Idea - Typo sidebar for allconsuming

  285. (One of the reasons) Why I really really don't like uk2

  286. douban as alternative to allconsuming?

  287. Idea - Track daily spending...

  288. Aggregaation is the way forward...

  289. Inland Revenue as bad as Ticket Master

  290. Print to Pdf in Windows without Acrobat Writer

  291. Patching the rails

  292. voo2do vs tadalist

  293. Backpack sms reminders to orange uk

  294. Maximum password length is bad

  295. Test post from dashblog

  296. Operating systems should be managed by version control

  297. Transparency in business

  298. It should be easy to cancel online accounts

  299. Firefox close tabs like Safari

  300. Tadalist bookmarklet

  301. Rojo replaces bloglines (for me at least)

  302. I don't know how to use the debugger

  303. PwdHash

  304. dabble db initial thoughts

  305. 'We will never ask for your security details...'

  306. Windows Adobe Acrobat Reader alternative

  307. Best signup form... ever.

  308. Typo admin broke!

  309. Run one ruby test/unit test from command line

  310. Setting up Typo from SVN Trunk

  311. Cyrus Imap

  312. Typo pings

  313. Online news reader

  314. Instiki-AR with sqlite3 on Windows XP

  315. Zen ADSL/Dial-up account can't be used at the same time

  316. Set background transparency in GIMP

  317. Netgear WPN824 disappointment

  318. Remote Control Software

  319. Typo flickr problems

  320. Linspire