Tue, 15 Feb 11

Day notes - Thu 10th Feb 2011

Continued working on mubi with Kalv. We looked at upgrading the app to rails 3. We used the rails upgrade plugin and started to make some of the simpler changes (RAILS_ENV etc).

Continued on the rails 3 upgrade with James A. Took a slightly different approach. Updated to rails 3 in an attempt to see what needed to be changed. We got a certain way through before getting pretty stuck on the routes. The task in the plugin that attempts to upgrade the routes doesn’t work for certain route definitions. In addition, one of the libraries that we ended up updating resulted in RedCloth 4.2.6 being installed. It turns out that this just doesn’t work on Mac OS X.

I started investigating the cause of RedCloth 4.2.6 not working.

We took delivery of some Ikea furniture for the office.