Thu, 20 Jan 11

Day notes - Fri 14th Jan 2011

I transcribed the You and Yours segment on National Rail Enquiries from the 6th Jan 2011. I’m interested in National Rail’s approach to third parties using their data (I was asked to turn off a twitter bot I wrote) and wanted the content of this interview to stick around even if/when the audio disapears. I was genuinely surprised by how time consuming this was: It took the best part of three hours to transcribe this nine and half minute clip, comprised of a first pass (much pausing, playing and rewinding) to grab most of the content and multiple post passes to check the transcription and timestamps.

I have some thoughts about the National Rail approach but will write them up separately.

I got a reply from You and Yours about transcripts.

Many thanks for you query: I’m afraid we don’t have the resources to transcribe every “You and Yours” item (only items relating to disability), which is why the programmes are available on-line, and are now divided into ‘chapters’ to make it easier to find the bit you want.

It turns out that this is stated on the You and Yours Programmes page but not on the transcripts page itself.