Wed, 12 Jan 11

Day notes - Tue 11th Jan 2011

James M, James A, Jase, Tom and I spent the day working from the O2 offices in Slough. We managed to do a little development but the main purpose was to discuss the future of #blue. We chatted legal, API, SMS, MMS and about potential feature ideas for the site itself. Our hope at the moment is that we’ll have automatic message copy back up and running by the end of February.

I listened to the You and Yours segment about National Rail Enquiries live departure board API. As an aside, it’s a shame that the You and Yours transcripts aren’t kept up to date as you’d be able to continue reading the interview after the show disappears from iPlayer (at least, I assume it’ll disappear). I’m kinda interested in National Rail’s approach as they’ve previously asked me to disable my national rail twitter bot and I know others have had similar problems (Alex Hewson’s case is covered in the You and Yours programme). I think their approach just smacks of old school business think - “We control the supply of the data. People want our data. Let’s monetise the shit of THE DATA. Muhahahaha. Oh, and don’t say bad things about us because we’ll sulk and take our toys (sorry, data) away from you”. Err, that was a bit of a childish rant.