Wed, 05 Jan 11

Day notes - Tue 4th Jan 2011

We, Go Free Range, moved today. We’ve spent the last 6 months or so with Moo, which has been great, but decided to take Protein’s offer of our own room in their Hewett Street building. It turns out we travel pretty light so it took all of about two hours to get moved and settled in.

Once in, we attempted to get a handle on our work committments for the first part of this year. Then we went for a pub lunch. We deserved it. Probably.

James A, James M, Jase and I finished the day supping coffee and chatting with a chap about some potential future work.

Working out what we can and can’t commit to is complicated slightly by our commitments to the O2 hashblue project. We’re meeting O2 tomorrow so should hopefully have a better idea after that.