Wed, 05 Jan 11

Day notes - Mon 3rd Jan 2011

Happy New Year everybody peeps.

I started this little day notes thingy in October last year, did it for a bit, got behind and then gave up. I’m going to start again and see if I can keep it up this year (I almost certainly won’t).

We, at Go Free Range, essentially took a couple of weeks off over Christmas. It was good.

Anyway, that’s enough about last year. I want to try to do more physical stuff this year. To that end I’ve entered the Newham London 10k and the 2 mile Great East swim. I’m also very tempted by the Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon, I’m hopefully going to do the National Three Peaks Challenge with Sid and Jase has talked about some big bike ride in Italy or summit. Oh, and I did start (I saw a trainer once) ‘training’ for a Channel swim. I’m not sure what to do about that yet…