Thu, 18 Nov 10

Day notes - Tue 16th Nov 2010

Kalv and I continued to work on changing our puppet/capistrano recipes so that we could deploy as a single user. This ended up taking quite a while to do. We already had a ‘freerange::user’ definition that would create a user and set their SSH key but this wouldn’t allow us to create a single user with multiple keys. We ended up splitting the user creation from the SSH key assignment which allowed us to continue to create our individual user accounts and to create a generic user that all of us could log in as.

We fixed some other problems with our puppet deploy scripts that we came across (e.g. monit wasn’t being started and our users were set to use /bin/sh rather than something a little more advanced).

We fixed a problem where we were incorrectly using the newer version of the Tinder gem to broadcast builds and deploys.

Had a conference call with o2 where we got some slightly disappointing news.