Thu, 18 Nov 10

Day notes - Mon 15th Nov 2010

Paired with Kalv to sign off some outstanding #blue stories in Pivotal Tracker.

We noticed that viewing a ‘missing resource’ was raising an exception and returning a 500 http response. It should, and now does, return a 404 response. Rails/ActiveRecord would normally take care of this by raising, and correctly rescuing from, an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception but we were using a custom find method that didn’t replicate this behaviour.

We noticed that we couldn’t actually deploy to our newly provisioned staging server as our own users (this was originally a requirement from o2 for deploying to the AWS servers). We decided to respect Capistrano’s wishes and work out how to get it to deploy as a single user.

We all spent about 90 minutes on a ‘retrospective’ (quotes because I’m not sure it was technically a retrospective) focussing on pairing. Although there were specific examples of when it was/wasn’t working we decided not to change anything and just to monitor the situation this week so that we could work out whether we wanted to change anything next week.

Watched The Social Network at Brixton’s ritzy cinema. I can best describe it as “a film I’ve seen”.