Wed, 20 Oct 10

Day notes - Fri 15th Oct 2010

I hijacked Jase to help tidy up this site. It was really quite bad, see before and after. It previously used the reset, grids and fonts YUI stylesheets with some crappy hand-crafted CSS on top. Jase ripped all of that out, started with a basic reset stylesheet and built it back up from there. I like it. Thanks Jase.

I spent a little time working with James A on some work he was doing with offline web apps. After manually generating the offline Manifest and running into the pretty much all the problems described in Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into HTML 5 we turned to Rack offline. This worked great out of the box but we really struggled to customise the default behaviour. We didn’t spend too long and it was getting late on Friday afternoon so there’s a chance we were doing something stoopid here.