Sat, 07 Nov 09

A Letter to Adrian Gillan at Euroferries

I’ve just sent this email to Adrian Gillan at Euroferries in response to his request that Adem remove one of his posts. I’m just popping this up here to support Adem really.

Hi Adrian,

I’ve just seen your email to Adem (a friend of mine) published on his blog[1]. I don’t know what the allegedly libelous comments were (Google have cached the page up to the early hours of the 6th Nov[2] and a quick scan doesn’t reveal anything terrible) but this just doesn’t feel like a friendly way to operate. I know that Adem, and many others (myself included), are excited by the possibility of this new ferry service from Ramsgate and only want the best for the area.

Anyway, I just wanted to suggest a slightly different approach you might want to consider in future. Rather than use these old school heavy handed tactics why not jump into the comments on this (and many others about Euroferries) post and correct people if they’re pushing mistaken ideas. Taking it a little further, you could even start a Euroferries blog and keep in touch with people that way. If you communicated in this way people wouldn’t have to constantly guess at what might be going on. I’d certainly be willing (as I’m sure would many others) to help you set this up if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Cheers, and all the best for the launch (next week, right?)


[1] [2]