Thu, 17 Sep 09

Things I Learnt at Interesting 2009

Some things I learnt at interesting 2009. Note. Some of this stuff is probably made up. If you want to see what actually happened you should read the coverage by Roo Reynolds (in theory my numbers match the numbers in Roo’s list).

  1. Boats can fly.
  2. The kids of today will feel sorry for us because we don’t take steroids. THEN THEY WILL DESTROY US.
  3. We are all gentlemen.
  4. Cheating in computer games is good, as long as you don’t get caught.
  5. Adventure books can be funny.
  6. Stan Laurel’s dad invented theatre.
  7. God invented subduction zones for us to hide our nuclear waste in: they’re like giant dustcarts.
  8. Robots are all made of win (although not clear, I believe this is some advanced alien technology).
  9. Twitter can blow bubbles.
  10. Lilac doesn’t exist.
  11. Keyboards are string instruments (ok, so this is actually true but I had to think about it when it was being talked about, because I’m an idiot).
  12. r2d2 has been made into every product ever built. Apollo 22 was actually made to look like the little fella.
  13. Morse invented kazoos and chocolate.
  14. Maps are better when they’re a list of words, rather than, you know, a map.
  15. Much loved girl comics from the 70s and 80s were written by famous horror writers, including Stephen King.
  16. Francis Galton could smell maths.
  17. Children’s art is better than a lot of what’s in the Tate Modern.
  18. Magners isn’t cider.
  19. Origami is actually impossible and all origami seen on TV has been computer generated by a supercomputer running for weeks on end.
  20. It’s easier to buy strands of banana smell dna and upload them into yoghurt than it is to buy a banana flavoured yoghurt.
  21. Conductors love coffee, chocolate cake and david beckham.
  22. You can never record too much data about your daily life.
  23. Breast shot is also the name of a waterwheel.
  24. Cartoons are like films that play at about 1 frame per second for 6 frames.
  25. India has superpowers.
  26. Burn giant wooden men or kill goats. It’s up to you.
  27. Writing a book takes ages so make sure you pick a fairly general topic (social web apps, or religion, I guess).
  28. Having imaginary ponies doesn’t stop you from going on stage and talking about said imaginary ponies.
  29. Cycling around the UK takes you up someones wife’s lane.
  30. Bill and Ted, the musical, is being presented live in and around Oxford next year.
  31. Darwin invented Chinese Whispers.
  32. Making incomprehensible noise. There’s an app for that.
  33. All train lines are built on top of underground rivers.
  34. You shouldn’t play Monopoly.
  35. Some schools have now completely reversed the role of pupils and teachers with the pupils now teaching the staff.
  36. John Prescott listens to his ipod at night while planting sunflowers.
  37. Astrotagging is done by a little robot that comes out of your computer and sits on your desk.
  38. 1. Make clothes, 2. Make TED clone, 3. You’re done.
  39. France has the only bullet viewing platform, on top of the Eiffel tower.
  40. Sunsets are caused by the sun disappearing.

All in all it was a great, and inspiring, day.