Sat, 31 Jan 09

Turning Off My National Rail Twitter Bot

This actually happened nearly a year ago but I’ve only just got around to writing it up (I occasionally still get people following the natrailenq twitter user which prompted me to get this written).

I first wrote about a national rail twitter bot in July 2007 and then again in February 2008. The premise was simple: you follow natrailenq on twitter, send a direct message in a certain format and you’d get a list of train departure and arrival times.

Unfortunately, I received an email towards the end of Feb 2008 asking me to turn the service off because it contravened the terms and conditions on the national rail website. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Just came across your blog and the integration work that you’ve done with Twitter and our website. Unfortunately our terms and conditions prohibit the use of our site in the manner you are using it and I have to ask you to stop, close down and remove any software of yours that uses information from

Many thanks,