Thu, 22 Jan 09

Idea - Firefox Extension to Clearly Indicate the Age of a Page

I think it’s probably fairly common to see out of date content at the top of the search results when searching for phrases associated with fast moving technologies. I imagine there are lots of posts to do with Rails, and everything associated therein, that don’t apply anymore (unless you’re developing against an old version of Rails maybe) but still appear high up the rankings. I’ve been thinking that it’d be good to have some visual cue as to the age of the content: as a firefox user an extension would be ideal (or maybe even a greasemonkey script). At the very least it should display the date of the post in a standard place/format but it might be more useful to display the age as some quickly scannable text (2 years old, for example). I’m not sure how practical this would be: some pages will contain multiple dates, some won’t contain any, some will contain the date in the URL, some will have it marked up as a microformat and other things I can’t think of right now. This has been on a list of ideas for a while and as I’ll probably never do anything with it I thought I’d record it here.