Tue, 13 Jan 09

24 Hours of Ramsgate Outer Harbour

One Friday in September 2008 I had the bright idea (I don’t remember where the inspiration came from) of slurping down images from the webcam that points at Ramsgate’s outer harbour. I used a combination of curl and cron to download one image a minute for 24 hours starting around 14:30 on the Friday (2,678 images in total). My intention was always to combine these into a little time-lapse movie and I finally got around to it last week (just the three months late then). I played around with various ways to produce the movie (including iMovie, ffmpeg and others that I no longer remember) but couldn’t get the output I was after. A little more searching revealed that Quicktime Pro could do exactly what I was after (I’m afraid I can’t find the original post I read about it) so I stumped up the £20 and made my video. I opted for 60 frames per second which results in a video of around 45 seconds which seems OK to me. I chose to host it at vimeo because I prefer the simplicity of their interface over youtube (as I’m writing this I realised I probably could’ve hosted it at flickr too).

I’m embedding it below (or you can see it at vimeo) but you’ll have to excuse the large amount of whitespace between this paragraph and the video. I’ve had a real quick look but I’m tired and really can’t work out what’s causing it. Adem spotted what I’d done wrong and the whitespace has now been removed.

I love being able to see the massive volume of water that moves in and out of the harbour entrance raising and lowering the boats as it pleases.