Tue, 06 Jan 09

Using SSI to Expose Http Request Headers Sent by Your Browser

Playing around with my T-Mobile G1 made me wonder what the included web browser was. I knew that I needed a site that would display the http request headers and through the magic of google happened upon Andy Langton’s check browser headers utility. This did the job and let me know that the browser is some kind of mobile safari client built on webkit.

That was all well and good but I started to wonder whether I could create an equivalent page without having to resort to a scripting language. It turns out that I could use Server Side Includes to do just that. I had a couple of reasons to reinvent this particular wheel: a) to satisfy myself that I could do such a thing in a very short time, and b) to make the output as clear as possible. The clarity thing is a big deal for me, I often find myself asking google for my IP only to follow a link to a page that contains my IP buried in a lot of noise (adverts, unnecessary text and lots of links). I appreciate that Andy’s utility doesn’t contain any advertising but it still has some noise in the form of the blog template. So, without further ado, I present my own little utility to display http request headers.