Sun, 04 Jan 09

Initial Thoughts About the T-Mobile G1 (the Google Android Phone)

I’ve been debating whether or not to get the T-Mobile G1 for a couple of months. I finally made a decision and signed up to an 18 month contract a couple of days ago.

I’m still waiting for my number to be ported so I haven’t used the phone in anger just yet. I’ve only really got as far as connecting it to my wireless network, installing some applications and using it to read email and browse the web. Still, I figured that some of the things I’ve found might be useful for others considering the phone.

The short version is, in my opinion, that if you use iTunes and you’ve experienced the iPhone then this handset won’t live up to your expectations. To expand a little, I’ll list in no particular order some of the problems I’ve run into during my very limited test followed by some of the cooler features of the phone. Before I do that though, a little aside, if I may. Playing with the Android handset reminds me of when I installed rockbox on my iPod Nano. There was clearly a lot of power/flexibility in there but in the end the simplicity and comfort of the iPod firmware won out.


Annoyances that I’ve solved while writing this post

Things to consider

Good points

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these good points apply to the other large screen, internet enabled phones available at the moment.