Fri, 14 Dec 07

Cross browser (well, IE 6, Firefox 2 and Safari 3) bookmarklet script

I mentioned that I’d been playing with bookmarklets in Internet Explorer 6 (among other, proper, browsers).

I thought it might be useful to paste the script that bootstraps the bookmarklet. The concept is that we use the bookmarklet javascript to insert a script tag into the page that links to the full javascript file containing the function(s) that we wish to execute. I know this has been documented elsewhere and I’ve probably missed some important stuff out but it may prove useful to someone.

The commented, un-compressed, version

if (typeof(rvmBM) == 'undefined') { // Best to name rvmBM to something unlikely to clash with pre-defined variables
  var s = document.createElement('script'); // Use of s versus script saves some precious space
  s.type = 'text/javascript';
  s.src = ''; // The location of your bookmarklet javascript that does all the work
  void(rvmBM = true); // Prevent the bookmarklet javascript from being loaded multiple times by setting this flag
  void(document.body.appendChild(s)); // Place the script tag in the body of the document
  // If we don't use void() above then we end up writing either 'true' or some junk to the screen in Internet Explorer (only)
function addRvm() { // A wrapper function around the actual function we want to call
  if (typeof(addReevooMark) == 'function') { // We want to make sure our bookmarklet function is defined (there's some delay in it becoming available in Firefox.  It's defined immediately in Internet Explorer.)
  } else {
    void(setTimeout(addRvm, 100)); // If our function isn't ready yet we'll just hang on 1/10th of a second and try again
addRvm(); // Ask our wrapper function to call the actual bookmarklet function

The compressed version

javascript:if(typeof(rvmBM)=='undefined'){var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src='';void(rvmBM=true);void(document.body.appendChild(s));};function addRvm(){if(typeof(addReevooMark)=='function'){addReevooMark();}else{void(setTimeout(addRvm,100));};};addRvm();