Wed, 31 Oct 07

Naughty spammy Tesco Entertainment

Are Tesco Entertainment the new Orange They might just be you know. See, I’ve been sad and pathetic enough to record details of unwanted emails that I receive. So far Tesco Entertainment, bless ‘em, have been unable to remove me from their mailing list for 90 days. I thought I’d write them a little email to, you know, ask them to stop spamming me.

Here’s a list of emails you’ve sent me.

  • Received: 26-Jun-2007
  • Received: 11-Jul-2007
  • Received: 27-Jul-2007
  • Unsubscribed: 30-Jul-2007 (although it appeared that I wasn’t actually signed up to any offers…)
  • Received: 08-Aug-2007
  • Received: 21-Aug-2007
  • Received: 16-Oct-2007
  • I emailed you on 17th Oct: “I unsubscribed from you guys on the 30th July 2007 (interestingly, my preferences suggested that I wasn’t actually subscribed to any mailings in the first place). Since then, you’ve sent me Tesco Entertainment emails on the 8th Aug, 21st Aug and 16th Oct1. Please stop. Cheers, Chris [1]”
  • Received: 30-Oct-2007

You’ll notice that I’ve received four emails since unsubscribing on the 30th July. I think three months is long enough to > remove someone from your spam list isn’t it? Oh, and you’ll also see I’ve emailed you in the past too. It wouldn’t hurt to > reply would it?



Update Thu 15th Nov 2007

I received a reply from Tesco.

Thank you for your email.

I’m sorry that you’ve received some unwanted emails.

I’ve made arrangements to remove your email address from our database. This process takes about 14 days and during this period you could still get emails from us.

If you have any other email addresses registered, please let us know and we can remove these also.

Thank you for telling us about this and giving us the chance to put things right.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES4278070X.

This phrase made me smile, “Thank you for telling us about this and giving us the chance to put things right.”.