Mon, 15 Oct 07

More Hsbc Shenanigans

This will be of interest to very few (if any) people – I’d suggest you just move on to something more interesting.

Yesterday, I contacted Hsbc using the Internet Banking feedback form that was outside of the Internet Banking site itself.

I believe that the Ofx export of transactions has been broken since your internet banking ‘upgrade’. I’ve tried many times to contact you using My Messages and also over the phone – the people I seem to be dealing with are unable or unwilling to help.

It’s a very minor problem – my account is overdrawn yet the balance is shown as positive in the Ofx export.

I’ve posted about the issue on my blog1, in the hope that someone might provide me some contact details of someone that can actually help. Unfortunately that didn’t get my anywhere.

I look forward to hearing from you.




I was hoping to get through to a human. Unfortunately I just got the same copy and paste bot that I get from within the Internet banking site.

Dear Mr Roos

Our Reference: 508-5629320-15102007-RR

Thank you for using the feedback facility for our Internet Banking service.

This is with regard to your recent e-mail concerning problems related to the download of transactions. From our experience to date, we have found that similar queries have been most effectively dealt with over the telephone rather than an exchange of a series of e-mails.

On occasions it can be of benefit to be online whilst talking to us. You may wish to call from a separate line to your Internet connection.

If you require further assistance, please call us on 0845 600 2290 (within UK) or +44 1226261226 (outside UK). Minicom support is available on 0845 7125563. The Internet Banking Helpdesk is open from Monday to Sunday 8.00am to 10.00pm (UK times).

Kind Regards

Technical Support Representative
HSBC Internet Banking Technical Support

Tonight, I’ve emailed their complaints email address.


I’ll apologise in advance for potentially mis-using your complaints email address.

I’ve got a problem with downloading my transactions in Ofx format from the Internet banking site. I’ve written up my experience so far1. As a web developer with experience of the Ofx format I’m fairly sure that you’ve got a bug in your Internet banking site. I’ve been trying for over a month to speak to someone in your support department to no avail.

All I want is for you (or someone that is able to do more than hit copy, paste, send) to read the post below and pass this information on to your development team – they will be able to help.

Be assured that I’m really just trying to help you guys. If you need anything else from me then just give me a shout.




I’m getting slightly concerned that I might be wrong now – then I’d look real stoopid. As it is I just look a bit sad.