Fri, 05 Oct 07

Trying to speak to someone in development at Hsbc - can anyone help?

I’m almost 100% certain that there’s a bug in the Hsbc Internet Banking site.

My account is overdrawn yet the balance shows as positive when I download my transactions in either ‘Money 98 onwards (ofx)’ or ‘Quicken 2002 (ofx)’. I believe that section of the Ofx 2.1.1 spec explains that these balances should be shown as negative.

I’ve tried to email and I’ve tried to call hsbc. Both to no avail.

Does anyone know anyone that works at Hsbc and might be able to get a message to someone in development? If not, what’s the etiquette on facebook groups? I notice that there a few hsbc groups - can I just post messages to them asking for help?

I’ve gotten so used to dealing with real companies that I’d forgotten how the old world works.