Fri, 21 Sep 07

Companies. You must make it simple for me to unsubscribe from your marketing shite.

Over the past few months I’ve been actively trying to unsubscribe from things that I’m no longer interested in. Both electronic and traditional mail.

I’ve started to keep a little record of when I receive said shite and when I unsubscribe.

Something I’ve learned over this short time. The majority of companies make it very easy for you to signup to receive their shite. It is almost always harder (if only by one step) to unsubscribe from the same material. Why? If I’m trying to unsubscribe it’s probably because I’m not interested in what you’re doing. Why would you possibly want to make it hard for me to go. Why not just add a second button to the form that makes it easy for me to subscribe. This button would say ‘unsubscribe’ and would do exactly that. Easy huh. Now, go do it The Companies.

This reminds me that I think my contract is now up with Orange. Time to get myself a new provider me thinks.

A nice positive blog post to start the day :-)