Thu, 07 Jun 07

Steel mounted photographic wall prints (or, cool pictures printed on metal) in Thanet

Printerior Design are a local (to me, probably not to you) firm that produce cool pictures. They are beautiful photos printed directly onto heavy duty metal - ‘man-art’ if you will. I bought this one as a Christmas present.

The reason for this post is because a friend recently asked me where I got the picture. Not remembering the name of the company, I started googling. I knew that they had pictures in Harpers Wine Bar (I thought they had a website but I can’t find it) in Broadstairs, and in the Albion Hotel, also in Broadstairs. I also knew that their workshop was on Pysons Road Industrial estate. Sadly, even with this info, they just weren’t appearing in google. So, I’m hoping that this might help them out a little bit.

I can’t help but think that they’d benefit massively from a blog about their work - I’m of the belief that what they do is pretty different.

Update I’ve uploaded a copy of the picture I have to flickr and embedded it in this post - hoping the printerior guys don’t mind too much…