Wed, 06 Jun 07

A little further investigation into those pesky scammers

I wrote a short while ago about receiving comments that were not obviously spam. In the few weeks between that post and this, I’ve received several more legitimate looking comments. Tonight, I finally looked in some detail at the comments I’d received. The comments were either very generic (‘nice post’ or ‘thanks for the info’) or were copied from previous comments on the site. The ‘homepages’ came in four different flavours.

Look like legitimate blogs but contain hidden content and porn links at the bottom of the page.

Crappy web shops. These only really caught my attention because they all look identical.

Look like legitimate blogs but are noticeable due to a complete lack of style and porn links at the bottom of the page.

Look like legitimate websites but a site:<website> search in google reveals lots of porn pages.

Oh, there is also one other site that I really cannot decide whether to classify as spam or not - (sorry if you’re not spam).

The addresses are here (and not linked to) for the benefit of anyone that happens to stumble across this page. I’m actually quite amazed at the depth of some of these sites. in particular has links to lots of ‘web 2.0’ sites for ‘morad’ (flickr, etc). It makes me half wonder if they are actual spam sites or whether the site has been hijacked in some way..