Sun, 04 Mar 07

Digital Photo Prints from PhotoBox

I just wanted to write a short note to recommend PhotoBox. I’ve been meaning to get some of my photos printed for a while, but was put off by having to pay for a service that I knew nothing about. A short while ago, a friend mentioned photobox. Not only do I trust Adem’s opinion, but photobox were (and still are, having just checked their homepage) offering 30 free prints when you sign-up. I signed up at around midday on Friday (23rd Feb 2007), selected 30 photos that I’d like printed, and uploaded them to photobox. I paid my £1.50 postage and duly received my confirmation email at 16:27 that day. The best thing was that 56 minutes later (17:23) I received an email to say that the photos had been dispatched. That’s pretty cool. They were sent First Class with Royal Mail and I received them the next morning.

I know that Adem has already used their service again, and I can only imagine that I will too. Would I have used them without Adem’s advocacy? Probably if they had the free offer (I’d have nothing to lose after all), almost certainly not if they didn’t.

After all that praise, I’d like to suggest a couple of improvements.

  1. I already have all of my photos on flickr. I should have been able to supply photobox with the location of these photos rather than having to painstakingly download and re-upload.
  2. I found the interface a little clumsy. At the checkout, it looked like some of my photos were going to be cropped, even though I didn’t ask for it, or see why they would be (they were ‘photo-size’ already.) This resulted in a bit of back and forth, on my part, through the interface, to ensure I hadn’t selected some option by mistake (I hadn’t and my photos weren’t cropped.) I feel that it could be made easier for the ‘just upload and print’ crowd.