Thu, 04 Jan 07

Homegrown gooogie

So, I just saw a post about gooogie, and it reminded me of my own, ‘did you mean’, page1.

You can achieve the same effect as gooogie by using the excellent firebug firefox extension to execute javascript in the context of the page you are viewing.

To achieve the effect:

document.evaluate('/html/body/p[1]/a/b/i', document, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null).iterateNext().textContent = 'THE_WORD_YOU_WANT_TO_SUGGEST'

On second thoughts, just use gooogie, it’s much quicker and cross-browser compatible.

1 A handful of people have stated that they don't get the 'did you mean reevoo' message when typing 'review' into google. Well, no, they wouldn't. It's completely made up. He he.