Wed, 13 Dec 06 dips its toes into the opensearch water

So. What does that mean exactly? Well, right at the moment, not a great deal. It pretty much means that you can add the ability to search to the Firefox 2 and IE7 browsers very easily. Visiting with either of these browsers will highlight part of the ‘search box’.

IE 7 changes the little arrow to a goldy, orangey, yellowy type colour to indicate the presence of an opensearch enabled search engine.

While Firefox 2 opts for a blue surround and additionally chooses to add our logo. Woot.

I appreciate that I can now easily search reevoo from anywhere but was it really worth a blog post?

Hmm, interesting question (that wasn’t an actual question, I just made it up).

Actually, I think that opensearch is pretty cool. At the moment, we are just exposing our search results in their html form. Just imagine, for a second, that we were instead, exposing our results as atom or rss feeds. Now, also imagine1 that retailers felt like being a little more open; and, as such, were offering an opensearch description of their search capabilities, along with search results in atom or rss feeds. All we’d need then was an aggregator that would allow us to search for products across our chosen retailers and reevoo in one go. The result would be a page containing both product reviews and pricing and stock availability from each retailer. That, I think, would be pretty damn cool.

1 Currently, this requires a lot of imagination. A quick browse this afternoon found four big retailers that don't even have working search without javascript enabled. At least they've got well designed urls. Oh, hang on...