Tue, 07 Nov 06

Telephone numbers for form submissions

I don’t like giving out my real contact details in surveys / on-line forms, particularly telephone numbers. I’m not an amazing fan of the telephone and as such very rarely (unless-I’m-really-certain-I-know-who-is-calling-and-even-then-it’s-not-guaranteed) answer it. For this reason, I feel fairly justified in not wanting to enter my number into surveys / on-line forms. I’m also pretty confident that the number of people that actually need a number to contact me on, are very very very few and far between. So, if they don’t need my number, I guess they are either following the crowd, “but all the other forms ask for it”, or, they want to do bad things with it. Either way, I’d rather they didn’t have it.

There is a point (and a link no-less) to this rant. Honest. Wait. It’s coming…

Ofcom’s list of reserved numbers for official form filling in use 1

I remembered this from the oftel days of yore but had been unable to find it in more recent searches. Luckily, wikipedia came to the rescue this evening2.

1 That's quite clearly not their actual intended purpose. Right.

2 In the past, when requested for landline number, I've entered my, relatively recently disconnected, landline number. There's every chance that this has been (or is scheduled to be) re-allocated - prompting me to find a new number.