Fri, 20 Oct 06

Boolean method in Ruby (sibling of Array, Float, Integer and String)

I was reading in data from a file and expected one particular column to contain either ‘true’ or ‘false’. I wanted a nice way to convert the string representation into its object counterpart. I thought to the Kernel#Float (and kin) and decided I wanted a Kernel#Boolean method. So I made one. Tada…

module Kernel

  def Boolean(string)
    return true if string == true || string =~ /^true$/i
    return false if string == false || string.nil? || string =~ /^false$/i
    raise"invalid value for Boolean: \"#{string}\"")


require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../test_helper'

class KernelTest < Test::Unit::TestCase

  def test_should_return_true
    assert_equal true, Boolean('true')
    assert_equal true, Boolean('TrUe')
    assert_equal true, Boolean(true)

  def test_should_return_false
    assert_equal false, Boolean(nil)
    assert_equal false, Boolean('false')
    assert_equal false, Boolean('FaLsE')
    assert_equal false, Boolean(false)

  def test_should_raise_exception
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean('true ') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean(' true') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean(' true ') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean('false ') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean(' false') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean(' false ') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean('BLAH') }
    assert_raise(ArgumentError) { Boolean(1) }