Mon, 21 Aug 06

I hope I didn't break rubyforge...

A couple of days ago I was playing around with SVN::Mirror, trying to remove some dependencies on third party repositories not in our control.

All was going well until I tried to mirror a project hosted on rubyforge. On initialising the mirror, I kept receiving the error “source url not under source root” from line 72 in

After some very careful debugging (yeah, like I know anything about perl - print "1"; was about the extent of it) of that perl file; I noticed that the $source_root variable didn’t contain the double slash1. This causes a problem for the line if substr($path, 0, length($source_root), '') ne $source_root; as at this point, $path does contain the double slash.

The value of $source_root is returned from a call to RA->get_repos_root (Subversion Repository Access code). So; it would seem that the url was being normalised somewhere in the bowels of Subversion.

This was kinda confirmed by testing the svn client (which uses the code in the RA module just like SVN::Mirror) with urls containing additional slashes. The url was always resolved and svn info would always show the normalised variant. It was additionally(ish) tested by using the Ruby bindings (which, as an aside, contain just about the most difficult to read Ruby code I’ve ever come across!)

I would love to have followed the actual subversion c code to find the normalisation routine but I’m sadly not clever enough; so my findings had to suffice.

Anyhoo, the outcome of the story is that I emailed Tom Copeland of rubyforge fame to ask about the deal with the double slashes. Turns out that it was probably just a gforge default thing and Tom went ahead and promptly changed it. I suddenly got very nervous that lots of arms would be thrown up with cries of “Who broke rubyforge?”, but so far it would appears to be ok. Phew.

1 Not sure if anyone else had really noticed but the svn repositories on rubyforge used to contain a double slash between the domain and var path (i.e.