Tue, 17 Jan 06

(One of the reasons) Why I really really don't like uk2

I had the mis-fortune to sign-up with uk2.net (intentionally not linked - how petty) quite some time ago, registering domains at first and subsequently using their free email service.

Although there are lots of things wrong with them; the one that has annoyed me for a while, and has done so again this morning; is their lack of ‘remind me of my password’.

It would appear that one of my old email addresses is still active on their server - and is still happily forwarding all mail to my primary email account.

Luckily, the only mail to come through this account is spam. Great.

As this account is so very very old I have absolutely no recollection of the password used. I’ve tried to re-set it or remove the account in the past; to no avail.

I just tried again this morning - still no luck. Apparently I can buy the privilege of a password reset/reminder by sending the princely sum of £10. Just like all the other email services on the web… Yeah. Right.