Mon, 12 Dec 05

voo2do vs tadalist

I was taking a look at the best web 2.0 software when I came across a to do list alternative to tada called voo2do.

I just signed up to take a look, but unfortunately wasn’t amazingly impressed. Fortunately it is easy to cancel your account.

It is obviously subjective but the interface to voo2do isn’t amazing, although there is some great use of Ajax to let you tab between input fields when entering tasks. I also found it too complicated for my simple mind. I guess I think a to do list should literally be a list of one line items that need to be done at some/any point in time (which is exactly what tada offers, nothing more and nothing less). I think that once you need something more than that, it probably doesn’t live on a todo list but in something slightly more structured.

I certainly think there are improvements that could be made to tada (some of which can be overcome with the use of greasemonkey and this tada user script) but for now it’s going to be what I stick with.