Sat, 26 Nov 05

Tadalist bookmarklet

I’ve been aware of, and used periodically, tadalist from 37 signals.

Over about the last week I’ve started to use tadalist far more. It’s great but I really want a way to add items without having to use tada each time. Apparently there used to be a dashboard widget (which would be handy as I use mac’s at work) but it’s been long lost.

I’d eventually like to develop a dashboard widget myself but until I get there I wondered about developing a bookmarklet to achieve similar effect.

I played around for a bit and came up with the following.

var new_item=prompt('Add Item');

It even kinda works, although if you press cancel when it prompts for the list text, it will add a new item of null, obviously…

If you really feel the need to try this, just copy this link to your bookmarks. You will need to replace USERNAME with your username and LISTID with the id of the list that you want items to be added to. To find the id (I’d suggest creating a new list like ‘added from browser’) click on the relevant list in tada and copy the number from the url after lists/show.

Oh yeah, you will also need to be logged into tada for this to work, otherwise you get a nasty looking error page.