Sun, 13 Nov 05

'We will never ask for your security details...'

I saw this recently and it reminded of a call I had a couple of months ago from HSBC. The call came through on an 0845 number and the caller stated that he was from HSBC and needed some security details before he could talk to me. I immediately assumed that this was a hoax and wouldn’t supply the details requested. He didn’t actually ask for my password but did request post code, date of birth and mother’s maiden name. I asked him what the call was concerning and he said that he couldn’t tell me before I answered his questions. I said that I wouldn’t answer his questions and he started to ‘issue me a warning’. I hung up. I then immediately called HSBC, stating that I’d received this call and asking if they had any record of it. The guy I spoke to this time said that it was very possible I’d been contacted as I’d gone way over my overdraft limit and there was a note on my account. Oops. It made me feel a bit bad for hanging up on the first guy but I’m still not convinced they should have called in the first place - a letter would be more appropriate in these days of such prevalent phishing and scamming. Ho hum.