Sun, 06 Nov 05

Typo admin broke!

I went to add a link to my bloglines public feed this morning and couldn’t log into typo admin. I double checked that my username and password were correct using the console and so took a look at the accounts controller. Using some advanced debugging techniques (mmm render :text => ‘’) I found that request.method was returning :POST where the code was checking for :post. I amended the controller and all now works. I’m just really not sure why it stopped working as nothing had changed!

Update Sun 6th Nov 14:26

I originally tried to post this article yesterday but it would appear that the new method in the content controller was also broken - checking for was not working as expected. I’ve just changed this to request.method == :POST and it now works. Really not sure what’s going on though.

Update Sun 6th Nov 14:40

Right then, it would appear that the ‘method’ method of request had been changed from env['REQUEST_METHOD'].downcase.to_sym to env['REQUEST_METHOD'].to_sym. This was in actionpack 1.9.1. Checking the version on my laptop confirms that it should be the downcase variant. I’ve now changed it back so will see how it goes.

Update Mon 7th Nov 08:45

It would appear that it was actually me that changed the code in request.rb when I was trying to diagnose and fix some problems when installing weed. Oops.