Fri, 07 Oct 05

Setting up Typo from SVN Trunk

This is for Apache 1.3 with FastCgi, Ruby, MySql 4 and Subversion already installed on FreeBsd 4.11 Stable.

$ svn checkout svn:// typo

In the public directory, within the newly created typo directory, edit the dispatch.fcgi file, changing the #! (shebang) line to /usr/local/bin/ruby.

Create a database for the typo install.

$ mysql
mysql> create database typo;
mysql> quit

Copy the default database.yml.example file in config directory to database.yml. Edit the file with the mysql credentials for your server. Ignore (possibly remove) the development and test sections of the config file as these are not required in ‘production’.

Use the mysql script in the db directory to create database tables.

$ mysql -Dtypo < db/schema.mysql.sql

NB. There is a mysql-v3 script as well. As far as I can tell the only difference is the database engine (InnoDb by default and MyIsam in v3).

Add a new FastCgiServer to the Apache config (httpd.conf).

FastCgiServer /home/web/typo/public/dispatch.fcgi -initial-env RAILS_ENV=production

Add a virtual host for this new site.

To do

Restart apache.

$ apachectl graceful

That’s it.