Sun, 02 Oct 05

Online news reader

It’s been on my list for quite a while to check out online newsreaders in order to replace my flagging desktop client of choice.

This has been pushed up the list by my recent contract taking me away from my main machine for the best part of the week. As such, I spent last night looking at some of the alternatives listed on this wikipedia article.

I’m currently torn between bloglines and blox0r and although bloxor was slightly ahead last night I’ve actually been using bloglines more during the day today.

Blox0r is a XUL (XML User interface Language) app which means that it only runs in Mozilla browsers (I think). This provides for a very rich and clean interface which suits me perfectly. Unfortunately, I’m just not 100% sure that it’s doing exactly what I expect it to be doing - a handful of feeds are not rendering as they should which makes me wonder what else may not be working correctly. Hence my current persuasion toward bloglines, which although looks a little too ‘full featured’ for my needs is at least rendering all of my feeds correctly.

I also tested the following services last night, none of which seemed to come up to scratch. Feed lounge actually looks very promising but is currently in a non public alpha so I’ll have to wait a little longer on that one.