Tue, 06 Sep 05

Typo flickr problems

I initially had this running on typo 2.5.5 but the flickr integration into the sidebar didn’t seem to work - unless I was doing something stupid which is entirely possible. I applied patches from changesets 596 and 632 to no avail, so decided to export the trunk from svn and try that. I still have the same problems which is slightly frustrating. The db migrations built into the admin interface as amazing though.

It would appear that it was my ignorance that was causing the flickr syndication problems. I wasn’t entering the feed url correctly. I’m wondering though, whether there should be some docs on the format of the feed url - I had to look at the flickr.rb source to find the format, and then search unrelated websites to find my actual flickr nsid.

Having got the flickr syndication working I’ve not reverted back to typo stable 2.5.5.